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Fascination Diving

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Diving is probably one of the most exciting sports. Immersing into another world wich is the origin of life. Silence, weightlessness, breath-taking impressions, contact the animal world, to name only a few subjects that inspire divers. On this page we want to give you as a beginner some tips and codes of behavior so that your first dive can become an unforgettable experience right from the start.

Your first time

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You decided to give diving a try. Congratulations ! You may begin with a taster course that is offered by almost all dive centres. A good dive centre will ask for your physical condition, answer all questions regarding your health to the best of your knowledge. A skilled diving instructor will explain not only the equipment but also the whole dive. The diving instructor accompanies and helps you so that your very first dive will become an unforgettable experience already. Your first dive will take place in shallow waters, where you can get up at any time and take your head out of the water.

Dive Training

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All offered dive centres are certified by international associations and instruct by them. The dive centre provides skilled personnel, proper trimmed and maintained equipment on loan and offers you extensive training courses. You decide if you only do a beginners course by wich you are competent to participate in worldwide dives. On completion of the course you get a so called speciality certification that specifies your competence and by wich other dive centres are able to recognize your knowledge and qualification. The dive centre will also offer you a log book in wich you may register your dives. You may participate in advanced educations all over the world and resume your training right where you stopped. There are no restrictions and you may some day even challenge a diving instructor training.