Euro-Divers Maldives

Maldives - North Male Atoll - Kanifinolhu - Club Med Kanifinolhu - Indian Ocean


Random Impression

The entire diving equipment can only be rented locally.70 full equipment - sets serviced after manufacturer's instructions are available , 150 aluminium tanks 10 l and 12 l with Dint/Int adapter, ABC-equipment, weights, jackets, regulators with octopus and SPG , diving computers, digital camera and additional equipment available. Oxygen equipment, first aid equipment and emergency plans are standard.

Rental equipment

  • Complete Equipment
  • Basic Set Mask, Snorkel, Fins
  • Diving Suit
  • Jacket with Weight Belt
  • Regulator
  • Computer
  • Tank
  • UW-lamp
  • surface balloon- entire stay

Rental equipment information

You may reserve desired equipment on loan during online booking already. This is always advisable.
If you just want to do a taster course, the complete equipment is normally put at your disposal by the dive center. (see offers of the divecenter)
Rental equipment is billed on location generally.

Own equipment

Please pay attention to airline regulations for carriage of diving equipment. Announce your diving equipment in good time and inquire yourself what parts you may take to the cabin and how much weight you probably have as free luggage!