Euro-Divers Maldives

Maldives - North Male Atoll - Kanifinolhu - Club Med Kanifinolhu - Indian Ocean

Dive Center

Random Impression

A beautiful tropical resort set on the island of Kanifinholu, surrounding by the intense blue waters of the Indian Ocean. This exotic location offers diving packages for all diving skill levels, on coral reefs around Kani and to other nearby islands. There is a variety of marine life, together with unsurpassed underwater beauty.
Nitrox 32 is free of charge for Nitrox certified divers.

Diving operations

The dive center offers several dives per day. Morning and afternoon dives are conducted with the local boat - called "Dhoni".
Full day excursions, Specialty dives and night dives are also part of the regular dive excursions of the dive center which can be arranged in line of our diving packages.
The dive spots are reach able within 10 and 60 minutes from the island. Our team gives a detailed briefing about each dive sport and will inform about all special of a dive.
Our aims are - safety, service and a lot of fun while diving.